Teen Talk is Now Health Connected!

We’re excited to announce that, as of September 2, 2014, Teen Talk Sexuality Education is now Health Connected. Our organization is growing rapidly, and our new name reflects that growth. Over the last several years, our parent support programs and trainings for education professionals have expanded and developed. As we have continued to evolve as an organization, serving pre-teens, young adults, parents, and education professionals locally and across the country, our organizational name has evolved with us. For additional information about this change, check out our FAQ page here.

The mission of Teen Talk Sexuality Education (TTSE) is to help young people feel confident and supported to make informed decisions about their own sexual health.


Teen Talk Sexuality Education
480 James Ave
Redwood City, CA 94062
Phone: 650-367-1937
Fax: 650-367-4940
Email: healthyteens@teentalkca.org



Resources for teachers and youth providers on Teen Talk Sexuality Education’s programs, services, and other information.




Information on teen clinics, how to access services, and other educational material.





Information about Teen Talk Sexuality Education’s donors, support, and how to make a tax-deductible donation.




Resources on how parents can talk to their teens about sex.